How to Build Great NBA 2k21 Players

Creating an NBA player 2K21 is very complicated because of the different construction factors such as size, prototype, undercut, and badge. That’s why we provide advice to help you master this process. Please note that here we are not directly discussing the best build or operation badges, but to provide more basic suggestions at the beginning of creating a player (in “My Profession” or Pro-AM).

The importance of building NBA 2K21 Players
The size of the player will determine your character’s ability, as well as your play style and role in NBA 2K21. Indeed, in recent years, it is no longer possible to maximize all player attributes.

To make matters worse, depending on the character’s personality, certain actions, shots, dribbles, and dunks will not be used by your character. Forget about players who don’t have the best badges or three-pointers (or even open positions) on roles with lower character values, and forget about the most technical crossovers.

This is especially noticeable in NBA 2K21 because developers have raised certain thresholds. For example, please pay attention to the most advanced dribbles, which can only be obtained from 85 possessions.

Therefore, these restrictions must be considered when creating a role.

What size is best for your player?
In the past, in the NBA 2K series, this was a rather mediocre but not decisive factor, and the height and range (arm’s length) of the player are now the main criteria for shaping the role.

Here are some things to consider:

The size of the players will affect their physical abilities.
It will also limit or increase notes, such as passing or shooting.
If the player’s position relative to him is too small or too large, his values ​​may be restricted.
On NBA 2K21, the best size for a build is often different from the size we find in the NBA. If the player is smaller than the usual standard, it is not uncommon (or even normal) to build better. Besides, it seems that attributes often drop sharply with the size of the player, mostly indoors.

Please note that online, many players like to play more mobile characters and, therefore, smaller. There are rear-sized side wings and strong side-wing-sized pivots. In short, the strategy of the Houston Rockets also works in the game…

Understanding the acquisition of NBA 2K21
The choice of a takeover can consolidate the player’s overall direction or give it an extra dimension. Therefore, if you create a defensive interior and make him the goalkeeper of the basket, you will increase his defensive size.

On the contrary, it is possible to make defensive choices on slightly more offensive players and get themselves into trouble.

Badges for players
The badge is also linked to your attribute selection. These allow you to unlock specific actions and other skills, and they can be useful when your character gets a high overall rating.

A good build usually allows you to unlock many badges. Therefore, if you have a higher-level badge (Gold Medal and Hall of Fame), a player with an overall rating of 95 may be worse than other players with the same rating.

Is it necessary to optimize your personality?
Many players wonder if it is necessary to optimize their players for My Career mode or Pro-AM at all costs. The answer is simple: no.

You don’t need to really optimize character creation. You can have fun on NBA 2K21. If your goal is to play solo purely in MyCareer mode, your choice will not have much impact unless your performance is challenging.

Conversely, if your goal is to compete online in Pro-AM or the park, it isn’t easy to find an option that is not suitable for your position. Mainly, it is essential to optimize players for the other five members if you play together as a team.

Redo a role on MyCareer?
If it is difficult to play multiple players in “My Career” in previous versions (because it takes a long time to reach a higher level), then 2K developers (English source) have mentioned that since the 2K20 Version.

However, upgrading characters is still long and sometimes difficult, which is why we recommend that you take some time to optimize the player as much as possible. Don’t hesitate to check our list of optimized versions.

Our entire article needs to understand how to correctly create a player by considering the version, size, takeover, and prototype in the “My Career” mode. NBA2K21MT.COM will continuously update all the guides and tips about basketball games.

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