NBA 2K21 new Teams and New Operations

NBA 2K21 added four more teams this time: the 16-17 Warriors, 18-19 Raptors, 12 American Dream Team, and 16 American Dream Team. Among the four teams, the most familiar players are the 16-17 Warriors, and this team is also called the “Five Dwarfs” by fans. The team’s starting lineup includes Stephen Curry (PG), Klay Thompson (SG), Kevin Durant (SF), Andre Iguodala (PF), and Drummond Green (C), Here NBA2K21MT share NBA 2K21 new Teams and New Operations.

Except for the 12-year dream team of the 16-17 Warriors, I believe everyone is familiar with it. The 16 Dream Team is called “Dream Ten” by fans. The starting list includes the most familiar “Lakers” Kobe Bryant. “Old man” LeBron James, together with Durant, Westbrook, and Harden, had grown into the league’s top stars at the time, bringing the strength of the 12 dream teams to a new level.

This time, the shooting bar has changed a lot, from waiting for the shooting bar to fill up and then shooting to finding the shooting point before shooting. Compared with shooting sticks, professional joysticks have undergone earth-shaking changes. The current professional rocker can only be pushed down to make a shot or layup, and all other directions will become dribbles. Push the right joystick to the left or right to get rid of the dribbling action. Push the right joystick upwards to become the iconic magical dribbling action. Tap the right joystick to become a fast one-to-one dribbling action. Hold down the sprint and tap the right manipulation. The rod changes the dribbling motion quickly. It is worth mentioning that every player who has his dribbling bag will have his unique dribbling action. The increase in a large number of dribbling moves makes the connection between players’ dribbles more likely. Such a massive dribbling change believes that players need a certain amount of time to adapt, and the relative increase in dribbling will also increase the player’s defense difficulty.

Let’s talk about the most controversial change of this professional rock singer. Button shooting and joystick shooting in this game are no longer the same. When the player presses the joystick, the shooting stick will become a brand new aiming system. Unlike the previous press and release, this time, the player needs to slightly adjust the joystick while pressing the joystick left and right to complete the shot or layup. In other words, players no longer need to seize opportunities when shooting with a professional joystick. The new aiming system is more challenging to shoot than the previous expert joystick. When adjusting left and right, if you don’t use much force, it will Shoot three non-sticky hands. When I used the aiming system to free throws for the first time, I was incarnate. O’Neill. Different shooting options will provide players with additional shooting feedback. When you use the button to shoot the ball, the system will give the player some feedback later, and when you use the expert joystick to shoot, it will go left or right. It should be noted that, compared to the rocker shooting of a button-type shooting expert, the shooting stick will appear on the entire court. Compared with the demonstration, the adjustment time of using expert shots in the backcourt is significantly shortened, and continuous green Shots in the backcourt no longer occur.

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