Useful NBA 2K21 Defensive Tips Introduction for Beginners

NBA 2K21 is a basketball game. The defense is also very particular in the game. Some friends may not know how to defend. So NBA2K21MT brings you an introduction to the defensive operation skills of NBA 2K21 this time. Interested friends can take a look.

Close defense

It’s the old saying, “If you don’t lose your position, you will be half done with defense.”

In all likelihood, the reason for losing the ball is that you didn’t follow your defensive target and let him breakthrough.

To follow up with a person is very simple. Whether you have the ball or not, as long as the system prompts you to defend against that person, you will always follow him, regardless of who is holding the ball, because AI will do its own thing. You need not lose your position.

When following the other party, you should pay attention to the other party’s small movements, such as pacing back and forth, turning around, etc. These may be fake actions. You don’t need to pay attention to the other party’s footsteps. You only need to care about his center of gravity. You can conclude that the opponent is just making a fake move.

Simultaneously, you have to press the time shift key to allow the players to defensively. The defensive posture should not be maintained for too long because when the player you want to defend runs away, you move very slowly in the defensive state. Unable to keep up with the opponent’s rhythm.

Remote AI Peer Defense

As mentioned above, the player only controls one player to perform the corresponding defense. For other AIs, you can choose to fully delegate the defense to them, but you can still remotely control them if you are not at ease, but the remote control only works by copying. Ball and cap.

When you face an off-the-ball player, and an AI player is defending the opponent’s ball-holding player, you can press ① to get the partner to intercept, and press ④ to block.

The AI ​​teammate will consider whether to “accept” your instructions based on the situation at the time. If the opponent has no movement or tendency to shoot, even if you press the ④ button, the AI ​​partner will not block.

But if our team is behind the score and you press the ① button at will, then this partner is very likely to come forward and actively foul. So when you remotely control AI for defense, you must be cautious and don’t mess with the buttons.

Position help

When the opponent makes a quick counterattack and forms a situation of playing more and less, you should not make an aggressive grab. Instead, let the defensive player approach the opponent holding the ball and slow down the opponent as much as possible. Let our players return to their defensive positions.

At this time, assisting defense is only half completed, and the next steps are straightforward.

Press the Tab key to open the tactics panel and let your teammates conduct joint defenses. You can choose 2-1-2, 3-2, 2-3, 1-2-2, and other joint defense strategies. Specifically, it depends on how many people on the other side enter the color zone to choose a targeted defense strategy.

Keep in mind that joint defense is only an emergency measure, especially for running and bombing tactics, but joint defense is likely to cause defensive loss. After AI joint defense, the reset speed will be breakneck, but the player reset speed will be relatively slow, so when in joint defense, Players try not to participate as much as possible, keep their goals.

Besides, in the face of a team with strong long-range shooting ability, do not use assisted defense. Otherwise, the opponent will have many opportunities to fire every minute.

To have a successful tackle, you need 50% care and 50% luck.
When defending your target, you must always pay attention to the opponent’s passing route, mainly to see which pass marks the target person has, and you have to move to these possible passing routes from time to time.

When the opponent holding the ball makes any large swing of the arm, you have to click the ① button subconsciously. Could you pay attention to it? If you hit twice in a row, the defensive player may come forward and actively foul.

If it happens, the opponent passed the ball, and you just blocked it with your hand. Only half of the tackle was completed.

The next step is to grab the ball! Hold down your accelerator key and rush directly in the direction of the ball. If you succeed in capturing, then congratulations on your perfect tackle. If you can’t get it, click the ① button repeatedly to compete for basketball with the opposing player to get a jump ball opportunity.

Starting interception from the passing route is more luck. And to steal directly from the player with the ball, that is experience work.

Some players like to dribble and make a lot of fancy moves. At this time, you can control the defensive player to approach slowly, but don’t release the shift key (defensive posture). If the opponent is still dribbling the ball and is not back defending, you can press the ① key to the steel ball. Of course, as mentioned above, one click is enough, don’t click continuously. Otherwise, it is easy to foul.

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