Monopoly Go: 10 Tips to Complete Album Fast

Monopoly Go Album Tips

While you do get three months or so to complete a Monopoly Go album, some players do like to complete it as soon as possible to try to unlock the rewards. So here we bring the best tips to speed-run your Monopoly Go sticker album every season.

The fastest way is buying Monopoly GO Stickers. For example, when you buy stickers on U4gm, after completing payment, you will receive your purchased sticker within 5 minutes, including Gold stickers that are tradeable during the Golden Blitz event, your album will be ready in no time. If you want to buy here, don’t forget to use code “Mods” for an extra 5% off.

One way to do this is to check the daily events and look out for Wheel Boost. Then while that event is running complete as many color sets as you can to get wheel spins. When the Wheel Boost is active you’ll get double spins. The best segment to land on is the green vault, as that actually gives you two packs, and those two packs could be anything.

Another thing to do is to check the event milestones for all events, you can find links to today’s event on the daily schedule, and then you can use the list to see where the sticker packs are and what is achievable for you so that you don’t lose too many dice.

Wait for special events. Another option is to play the special events and try to complete them. The dig event and partner event are usually quite achievable, but the Prize Drop is usually not a great event to try to complete as you’ll most likely lose more dice than you’ll win over the course of that event.

Choose your tournaments. While it may be tempting to try to win every tournament, realistically it’s not possible for most players, because the more you win, the harder the group you get put in for the next one. So, rank low in a few, to have a better shot down the road at another tournament and bag those leaderboard rewards.

Use your trades. Join the Monopoly Go forum, and trade with other players to help you complete your sets. Even if you have nothing to trade, you are still welcome to pop in and ask for freebies. People often help out with these, especially for lower-star cards. Join and trade now!

Farm Stars. The more duplicate stickers you get, then the more stars you’ll have which you can use towards opening a vault. The parameters of the cost of the vault and what you can get from one does often change from season to season. But usually, the best vault you can get in terms of value is the most expensive one.

Look out for Golden Blitz. A great way to get any missing gold stickers is via the Golden Blitz event. These happen every week or two once we are a few weeks into a season. In this special event, two specific gold stickers are elected to be tradable for the duration of the Golden Blitz. Again, our Monopoly Go forum is a great place to negotiate trades and make requests.

Wait for a Sticker Boom. Another helpful sporadic event is the Sticker Boom. This basically will give you 50% more stickers from each pack that you open. So, this makes a Sticker Boom the best time to get through a load of pack openings or to open a vault.

Create another account. If you have a second device, you may be able to create another account with different details. Then you can play Monopoly Go from two separate accounts and trade between the two. This will allow you to complete sets even faster, which in turn will get you more rolls, and that will enable you to compete more.

These are our best tips to help you complete the album quickly to unlock the rewards so you can start working on that one sooner.

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