Why is NBA 2K21 so Attractive to Children?

When people talk about NBA 2K, they are most likely to talk about NBA 2K21, which is the version of the game. The game is similar to the super-popular FIFA, and the goal of the game is to build a strong team. In NBA 2K21, players can use NBA 2K21 MT to buy legendary players at the auction house. They can also get it from competitions and activities.

“My favorite part of the game is opening the box and what players are in it. This is a surprise,” said Rusty, a 10-year-old NBA 2K21 player. “Usually silver players. Sometimes you get legendary players, sometimes bad players. If you draw good players, MyTeam’s combat effectiveness will be improved. It is easier to win the game.”

These surprise rewards can have a strong attraction to children. Finding the excitement of the chest and the things that may exist in it is one such strategy that enhances people’s desire to keep playing and getting rewards.

Another feature that makes NBA 2K21 fascinating is the narrow win: when your team loses a game on NBA 2K21, you will see the status of your opponent’s team. Usually, you see the advantage of the opponent team, so the game feels very close. The almost missed opportunity is fascinating and you have to continue the game.

Sarah said: “If you want to really compete with a group of people and feel better and better, there is something.” “It’s almost like gambling, like a slot machine. It attracts these kids. , They feel they need to keep playing.”

Dr. Anderson said: “In games like NBA 2K21, you often lose, but every game has a lot of potentials. Games.” Each game takes about 20 minutes, and people who have ever binge-watched TV series Everyone knows how fast the time of each series goes by.

Social attraction
One of the biggest attractions of NBA 2K21 is its social component. Children can play with friends or with friends. Rustic played with his neighbors and said they tried to help each other in the fight. If playing the game itself is fun, then playing with friends will naturally become more fun. It also sets some convincing expectations and potential conflicts with parents. If you set a time to play with your friends, then you will need to keep the appointment. If your friend wants to play the next game, then you will not let him down.

“With NBA 2K21, if your friend is not there while playing, you will definitely miss it,” said Dr. Anderson. For children, being forgotten is one of the worst feelings.

NBA 2K21 is certainly not the first game for people to play together in a team. Games such as Quake and Counterstrike also allow you to team up with friends. However, NBA 2K21 introduces younger children into adrenaline-stimulating games in the basketball game played with friends in real time. That’s because parents are more likely to bless their young children to play NBA 2K21. Children will learn some basketball skills and rules during the game.

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