NBA 2K21 Defensive Control Tips for Beginners

In terms of defense control, NBA 2K21 is very simple and easy to learn. Compared to the offense, there are far fewer things to remember, although acquiring simple tricks such as Intense D and Fast Shuffle can really improve your game ability. View all the following NBA 2K21 defensive controls through NBA2K21MT:

Player swap – press the X button to control the defender closest to the ball.
Strong D – keep the left trigger into a low defensive state.
Block – Press Triangle to block when near the shooter.
Stealing – Press Square near the dribble or in the passing lane.
Crowd dribbling machine – press and hold the left trigger, and then move the left analog stick to the dribbling machine.
Fast random play – press and hold the left and right triggers and move the left analog joystick in any direction.
Hands up – move while holding the correct analog stick.
Extend your hands – move left or right while pressing the right analog stick.
Shooting game – move the right analog stick up, and then quickly release.
Steal the ball – move the right analog stick down, and then quickly release.
Vertical competition – Move the left analog stick away from the shooter and press Triangle.
SWAT block – press and hold the right trigger, then press Triangle.
Charge – Hold O.
Flop – double-tap O.
Chuck – When approaching the ball controller, lightly press O.
Pull – back seat – When laying down, move the left analog stick away from the pullback ball device, and then quickly release it.
Icon swap – press the right bumper and then press the icon of the desired player.

NBA 2K21 off-court defensive control
Box Out Opponent – After shooting, hold the left trigger when you are close to the opponent.
Rebound – Press Triangle after the ball hits the basket.
Bump – Prevents the player from holding down the left trigger while moving forward.
Chuck – When standing still, taps O, then move the left analog stick to the offensive player.
Robbing – When running, tap O and then move the left analog stick to the attacking player.
Refusing to reach out – When approaching the opponent, move in any direction and hold the right analog stick.
Refusal to participate – Hold the left trigger when you are near the opponent and outside.
Foul outside the ball – when close to the opponent outside the ball, hold down the right trigger, and O.
On – and – after – receiving – when you are near your opponent, inside or near the basket, hold down the left trigger.
Diving to release the ball – repeatedly press Square or Triangle while chasing a loose ball.

NBA 2K21 advanced defensive control
Intentional Foul – Hold Square while near the ball holder.
Double Team – Press and hold the left bumper.
Icon Double Team – Press the left bumper, and then press the corresponding player icon.
Team fouls deliberately – press the middle button and let the whole team try to foul.
Call 2 – 3 area – slide the middle button up and down.
Call 3 – 2 area – slide the middle button from left to right.
Call person to person – slide the middle button from bottom to top.

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