What should I pay attention to when using NBA 2K21 Exchange?

NBA 2K21 exchange is a new feature of 2K21, which provides players with a specific set of cards to exchange to obtain unique cards. This is very similar to the FIFA team building challenge. It has unique cards. Some cards are more comfortable and cheaper than others. The problem with the 2k implementation is the first owner card. In the FIFA Ultimate Team, I will spend NBA 2K21 MT purchase cards during the reward day (market decline), and then hold them until a good SBC appears. Even if SBC has been used for a month, you will not believe everyone’s hype. If you are patient, this is an excellent way to make coins. This is my first year in FIFA Ultimate Team, and I have gained 20 million transfer profits. When the hype stopped, the market tended to fall when I used part of my earnings to do SBC. It’s a pity that FIFA will kill traders this year, the same as 2k, because the bill requires the first owner card.

With Exchange, NBA 2K21 MyTEAM brings new features, especially in previously meaningless cards. You can change the card to a higher quality card. For example, you must use three wingers from the Eastern Conference and three wingers from the Western Conference, with a minimum score of 86, so that you can unlock the higher quality secret players that only Exchange can provide. Some cards are inconspicuous but will receive special bonuses in the future. Developers are teasing the new “restricted” mode, and we will explain some tips and tricks below. You may have to complete particular challenges with your respective cards to improve them again, or you can only use these unique cards of Exchange to meet the challenges.

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