How to Keep Score in NBA 2K21

How to keep scoring in NBA 2K21 is crucial. Our NBA 2K21 scoring guide will quickly introduce you to how to achieve in NBA 2K21, so you can always rely on some play and combos no matter where you are.

However, if you need any other help with the latest version of the NBA, you need to go to our NBA 2K21 guidance center. Here, you can get the Guides you need about the changes in this year’s version of the game, as well as a complete section of the most basic beginner tips and tricks.

Below, you will find our full set of tips and tricks to learn how to score quickly and easily in NBA 2K21. These contents include introductory and advanced skills because this guide is suitable for new and old 2K players.

For those who don’t know, there is a brand new shooting device in NBA 2K21. This year’s shot put meter is the vertical bar next to the player. The lead bar is full, and you must release the ball when the Shot is full.
If you generally don’t fully understand the NBA, take some time to understand who is right for each team. We all know that LeBron is a powerful force for the Lakers and Stephen Curry is a powerful force for the Golden State Warriors, but who is the player with the highest score in the Celtics or the Eagles?

Holding down the sprint button is an excellent way to fatigue players quickly and make them miss more shots. Don’t be afraid to walk into the opponent’s half, rather than unnecessarily destroy the court.
Don’t be afraid to resort to practice mode. Currently, “NBA 2K21: Prelude” has been released on PS4 and Xbox One before the main game is released. When you are on the offensive end of the ball, this is a great way to adapt to various shooting mechanisms and button combinations.

Remember: the pick and roll game is the key to reliable scoring. No, this is not the most fashionable move in the script, but pressing the left bumper and moving the player to the position is always a great strategy to move towards the defender.
Always remember to substitute players. You can invoke the timeout by pressing the middle button on ps4 or the back button on the Xbox One controller, and then you can swap out the worn-out player from here. Even if the players who enter have a low overall rating, don’t be afraid to switch one player to another.

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