How to effectively play NBA 2K21 VC for free or cheaply

NBA 2K21 VC is the virtual currency of the game. Everything from upgrading the player to unlocking specific animations for the player costs VC. To upgrade your player faster, we must effectively hone VC.

Perform well in the preamble and get the highest salary.
You want to play the entire prologue (don’t skip the exercise). When playing the prologue, please make sure to participate and upgrade your players with the VC and NBA 2K MT you get. You want to focus on the player’s leading skills and buy as many cheap attributes as possible because they will affect the player’s physical fitness, such as verticality, speed, etc. The higher you upgrade a certain quality, the higher the price you get. In the beginning, you want to spread your wealth a bit and buy the 100 and 200 cost attributes of all goods, but after that, please focus on the player’s expertise. Do well enough in the prologue to get the highest odds per game in the first season, which is 750 (if you don’t know how to call 750, you may want to do it again. Trust me, it’s worth it). Make sure you are playing a Pro difficulty game.

Fast into the second year
The maximum for the second year is 1000, and your goal is to reach the second year as soon as possible. Please make sure that your team will provide you with the greatest return. If you win the MVP, most teams will provide you with the greatest reward, but if you are the final MVP, the team you are participating in will provide you with the greatest reward. To simplify things: choose a good team. If you are a PG, please select the Lakers if you are a center like the Lakers, Warriors, Houston, Clippers, or Celtics. Approximately 30 games/practices are played at 5 minutes of Pro Difficulty. Then simulate the rest of the game until you enter the playoffs (obviously make sure to enter the playoffs.) After you enter the playoffs, you must participate in each contest, make sure to win, and become the final MVP. Winning the championship will permanently increase all your players’ attributes by +4 (Gym Rat Badge), which is a significant advantage of this strategy. Otherwise, you will have to do exercises once a week in the Gatorade building to strengthen your abilities.

Along the way, you will gain fans, and these fans will be recognized. With more and more fans, you will have to redo your blessings at a higher rate. When you hold a contract meeting, it will provide you with the option of counter-offering, which you should always do. The endorsement includes appearance fees, rewards, and store discounts. Simple strategy: remove all deals from store discounts, add approximately 50% of the costs from appearance fees, and keep the incentives. Assuming it is, great! If you fight back, fight back in the middle. If they cancel the offer, restart the game and try again before clicking anything (this is a great way to test whether you want it). Games have a high weight on incentives, so sometimes it is correct to reduce incentives and increase the total appearance fee based on endorsements. Some companies have excellent incentives and are worth it, while others are rubbish. If you can drastically increase the one-time payment from the start, and don’t take any incentives, it may be worth it, but if you don’t want to worry about nickel and dimming, implement a simple strategy. This is a more detailed video.

Daily rotation
Surprisingly, NBA 2K21 is still full of nonsense microtransactions…
In “My Neighbors”, there is a room next to Anti-Up, where you can spin the daily bonus plate for free. Sometimes you will win an extra VC every day, and you will also win random clothes and shoes that can be worn when you decide to play on the playground.

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