NBA 2K21 Post Moves and Change Line Tips

The game is always a game, players can run tirelessly, and their movements are rarely inaccurate, so you have to make fair use of this feature. You can become an NBA 2K21 ankle manta.

First, you must dribble the ball at high speed, and you can make an Post Moves when you are a distance from the defending player, and then change the line.

The line change action is best done in conjunction with the crotch mentioned above dribble so that your crosscut speed when dribbling will increase, and it will also have a certain suddenness.

One thing to note here is that you should press the accelerator to be slack and should not be pressed for a long time. Otherwise, you will quickly fall on the opposing defensive player.

Changing the line in an Post Moves takes many risks, so you should not get too close to the opposing defender and keep an arm’s distance from the defending player when dribbling. Your opponent, if you find a flaw in the opponent’s defense, you can take the opportunity to break-in.

However, if you play against the player, the player’s defense is ancient, and you will not let go. You will not be easy to grab, so the Post Moves and change line is an occasional good trick, but it is not suitable to be used multiple times in a row.

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