The latest simulation data of NBA 2K21 shows that it is difficult for the Los Angeles Clippers to win the Championship

According to the news of American media Fadeaway World, although many NBA fans and experts believe that the Clippers are very promising to win the NBA championship, from the perspective of NBA 2K21, the Clippers cannot beat the NBA championship. The following NBA2K21MT gives You bring a detailed analysis.

NBA 2K21 recently simulated the journey of this season’s NBA playoffs through in-game data. As a result, the Clippers were eliminated by the Lakers in the Western Finals, and the Lakers won the NBA championship.

The Clippers and Lakers are currently leading the Western Conference Finals (the Lakers are playing G4), and they are, of course, popular candidates for the championship.

Many people joked that the NBA might be able to “arrange” concerning the progress of NBA 2K21. Of course, this is a joke. Judging from the current state of the Clippers and Lakers, they have a chance to reach the Western Conference Finals, and who To win the championship they also depend on the state of the Eastern Conference championship.

Currently, in the East, the Bucks with the highest game score have been defeated by the Heat 4-1, which shows that reality cannot be confused with the game.

At present, whether it is the Clippers, Lakers or the Heat, Celtics, and Raptors in the East, they are all working towards the championship and judging from the current progress of the game, it is difficult to decide this before the last minute of the season. The champion of the particular season!

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