NBA 2K21 Fully Reproduces the Essence of Basketball Culture

NBA 2K21 is the world’s most well-known and best-selling NBA 2K series of the latest works, with greatly enhanced top game content, online competition, social functions, and diverse and rich game modes. NBA 2K21 fully reproduces the essence of NBA basketball and culture.

New and old players or returnees will find various excellent game modes in NBA 2K21 that bring diversified basketball experiences:

MyCAREER: Embark on your movie-style basketball journey towards your ultimate goal: NBA. Create your MyPLAYER by yourself, take him to the peak of career and prestige, and leave the right name in basketball.

MyTEAM: Select past legendary players and current players to form the strongest NBA fantasy team in history to fight against the world. Participate in many rewarding competitions, daily and weekly challenges, discover rare, highly rated player cards, and compare hard-earned collections with friends or opponents.

NBA 2K21 MYTEAM sideline report

Block: Start your virtual daily basketball life in a block that never sleeps, and you are not afraid of nothing to do. You can participate in a 3-on-3 street match with your teammates or a 5-on-5 professional and mixed amateur game with more significant stakes. Purchase the latest sneakers and apparel, or upgrade your MyPLAYER at a local training facility. In your neighborhood, basketball never stops, and “unbounded. Unlimited”.

MyGM/MyLEAGUE: Being the boss, you can not only make decisions about your players or team but also make decisions for the entire team and the league. Whether you want to select a great rookie or trade players to reorganize your team, every small move and every big move are closely related to your team’s future success or failure.

Immediately play: a direct basketball game, allowing you to compete with your friends or computer opponents in the shortest time, and have four exciting “NBA 2K” basketball games. Pick your favorite team, classic team, or strong historical team, and launch a potent offense with established control methods and custom options. This is the most realistic NBA basketball experience.

NBA 2K21 features

Reality surpasses the past: visual performance, player artificial intelligence, game modes, and more game content improvements have made “NBA2K21” the most realistic and realistic basketball video game possible. Feel the entertainment effect of the energetic crowds, exciting NBA games, and the most immersive sports games of our time.

Full game experience: advanced expert joystick, so you have unparalleled ball control. Aim at jump shots and layups, bringing precision and skill to a whole new level. Besides, unique signature dribbling moves can be unlocked to make the ball more efficient.

The strongest team in your history: Play MyTEAM mode to create the most potent lineup with NBA current stars and legendary stars, and compete with other active collectors worldwide. The new limited-time season of “2K21” allows you to get exclusive rewards while fighting in the new and returning game modes of MyTEAM.

Brand-new block location: Soak in the sun and play a few games of 1 vs. 1, 3 vs. 3, and 5 vs. five games. The new block of “2K21” will move your ball game to the beach, with brand-new visuals, effects, and scene configurations. Show off your skills and style in the park, team up to participate in professional and amateur mixed competitions, and win rewards in dynamically updated 2K games!

New items and music on the shelves: Use brand new clothing and sneakers from your favorite clothing, accessories, and shoe brands to dress up the players from head to toe and create a unique style. Play with the dynamic 2K21 soundtrack, which includes works by famous artists and emerging singers waiting to be discovered.

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