How to DownLoad NBA 2K21 at Steam

NBA2K21 will be officially launched on the PC, PS4, Xbox, and Switch platforms on September 5, 2020. This game is based on a simulated basketball background. It not only has top-level graphics and gameplay but also has a very innovative Game mode redefines the possibility of sports games. Many novice players pay close attention to this game, but don’t know how to purchase and download. The following is a tutorial for novice purchase and download organized by NBA2K21MT:

1. Search “steam” on Google to find the official website and log in:

You can log in directly if you have an existing account. You can create a new account and login without a Steam account.

2. search for NBA 2K21 and buy:

There are two versions, PC regular version $59, Mamba version (Kobe Memorial Edition) 99$, choose one to add to the shopping cart to pay

3. download
After the NBA2K21 game is officially launched, find the Steam game library’s match and download it directly.

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