NBA 2K21 Frequently Asked Questions

NBA 2K continues its already rich gameplay tradition, imitating real-life sports in ways that seemed impossible a few years ago. WNBA’s addition may be the most significant step taken this year, mainly because it has the outstanding performance of many gameplay improvements last year. MyCareer also improves in small but meaningful ways, setting a new standard for the story mode in sports games. Nevertheless, by focusing on intricate patterns like MyLeague and cleaning up MyTeam to reduce reliance on microtransactions, NBA 2K21 will be better. However, NBA 2K21 is still the best performer. Maybe it’s time to ask for better. Now, NBA2K21MT shares with you NBA 2K21 Frequently Asked Questions. NBA2K21MT, as a professional NBA 2K21 MT internet site, offers secure, fast, and affordable MT Coins for you personally. With over ten years of excellence, This website got served a large number of shoppers. When you are hesitating exactly where to purchase 2k MT, NBA2K21MT will be a superb choice.

What if my saved file is damaged?
If the file is lost, only 2K support can help you. Take a video containing corruption information and your Gamertag, and contact them; they may clone your lost player to the new player. If you do not have this video, they may grant you a one-time exception. You can submit a ticket, but live chat is recommended.
Sometimes, the file is not damaged and a message is given by mistake. Perform a complete shutdown of the console and then open it, and then try to open the file (ignore the corruption message).
For the future, please make sure to backup and save the file.

What if my saved file is accidentally deleted?
Same answer as the above question. Having said that, if you accidentally delete the saved content, 2K is not obliged to help.

There is no MyCAREER label in my main menu at all, it tells me that my account has age restrictions. why?
There may be a problem with your account’s console permissions. Check the user-generated content settings for all the accounts you are logged into on the control panel. This includes privacy restrictions and parental control settings. After changing the settings, restart the power to the console.
On XB1: Settings>Account>Privacy and Online Security>Xbox Live Privacy>View Details and Customize>Game Content. Special permission is: “You can view and upload content created by the community.” Set this to “Everyone.” Also, try to switch other people to “Everyone”.
PS4 equivalent menu options:
-Select (Settings)> [Parental Control/Family Management]> [Family Management], and then follow the instructions on the screen to enter your login information.
-Select [Add Family Member].
-Select [Create User] and follow the instructions on the screen.
-You can set limits for individual children on the parental control screen. For more information, see “Setting Parental Controls”.
-When you add children as family members, they will be added to the user list on the PS4™ system.

I received an error message “You do not have the required account privileges”, why?
Check your Xbox Gold / PlayStation Plus subscription. It may be used up. Any game mode in which you must connect with other players requires a valid subscription.

Where can I create MyCAREER to save? Do I only see MyPLAYER Builder?
You can start MyCareer saving at the end of the MyPlayer build process, and it will tell you your player comparison. If you don’t see this option, please make sure to delete all the demo files, including the “description not found” file, demo, and your number of files that do not reach the 15 limits in all game modes.

Is WNBA available online?
No, only for Season and Play.

I am stuck on the loading screen. what should I do?
Perform a complete shutdown of the console and then turn it on again. If you still encounter problems, please contact 2K support.

The audio of my game is interrupted and I can’t hear anything. what should I do?
Perform a complete shutdown of the console and then turn it on again. If you still encounter problems, please contact 2K support.

I cannot log in to the MyNBA2K application. It displays “Login Successfully” but a question mark is displayed, what should I do?
Close the application and log in again. After success, click once, and then click the back arrow in the upper left corner once.

Is it safe to change my PSN ID?

Can the VC/MT of previous years continue?

Is there anything that can be transferred across platforms?

Do I need to use dashes/capital letters in the locker code?
The dash is required. All uppercase or all lowercase.

Is the locker code one for each console?
Certain codes can only be redeemed once per console. This usually applies to the locker code of the guaranteed item.

Should I clear the reserved space?
No, you shouldn’t. This will cause more damage (sometimes not obvious) than it can be solved.

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