How to Reserved delete the reserved space of NBA 2K21 on the hard disk

If you want to free up some space on the game platform’s hard disk, you have likely found an area occupied by “reserved space,” which does not seem to retain any actual data of the game itself. NBA2K21MT Editor hopes this article can help you better understand the purpose of reserved space.

The reserved space is the space allocated on the HD to accommodate updates and patches. Games like NBA 2K and WWE 2K usually use this feature. If you delete the reserved area of the game, the game will recreate it when it starts. When this happens, you may encounter problems (including corrupted save games).

and so. Again: Do not delete the reserved space of the game on the hard disk.

Note: If you delete the reserved space of the game or click Cancel during the “Get Files” stage of the game installation, we will provide a possible solution, which can help you restore the files. Remember, if this does not work, we will not repair or provide VCs for lost or deleted files.
Uninstall the application.
Reinstall the application.
When installing the installation files, please do not cancel.
Let the app apply all updates and synchronize information.
If you are still experiencing problems, all updates may not apply. Start “Play Game Now,” wait for the “Update Required” message to pop up, and install all necessary updates.

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