Rich NBA 2K21 Modes satisfy all desires for basketball games

The first thing that shocked me was the vibrant game modes. The fast game mode of free selection of teams, the ultimate league mode of choosing one or more teams, and playing the entire NBA season can help your favorite players or teams realize their dream of a championship. In this mode, players can not only personally “get into battle” and control the players to win the game. When they are tired but want to advance the schedule, they also specially designed a live mode-only need to arrange the tactical settings, two The team will automatically play. If you still find it troublesome on this basis, there is even such an “official plug-in” to force a victory. While playing the game, not only must always pay attention to the changes in the players’ abilities, value, health, etc., but also participate in the draft to find capable players and real-time player transactions to strengthen their team, and even related media channels to help Players pay attention to relevant news and let me experience all aspects of the NBA season. It is worth mentioning that this time the ultimate league mode also joined the WNBA (National Women’s Basketball League), allowing players interested in women’s basketball to experience the same fun of the game.

The fantasy team mode allows players to focus more on the players themselves. In this mode, a mechanism of “open package drawcard” is added, and players can purchase card packages to obtain player cards. The gameplay still requires players to control players to play 3v3 or 5v5 matches, but the immense fun is to form a super star-studded team based on the different player cards obtained. See Olajuwon and Davis, Jordan and Curry team Team, thinking about it is very exciting.

But it has to be said that controlling players on the field, many complicated operations, and timely on-site judgments all have a certain threshold for players. If you are not a series fan, you need a certain amount of practice to have better game experience. The production team also considered this and joined the legendary manager mode. In this mode, the game will ultimately become a business game. How to win cooperation, trade players, arrange training, etc. are all topics players must face winning the championship successfully.

The most important and most playable is the career mode. In the career mode, an exclusive player belonging to the player will be created as the protagonist, and various abilities, playing style, height, and weight, etc. can be customized. These values ​​will also affect the initial badges players can get. The badge is an essential system that affects the value in the career mode. You will get badge points during the game, and you can upgrade accordingly.

There will also be a main storyline in the career mode. The protagonist is born in a “basketball giant” and has a close relationship with a well-known basketball player. However, living in this shadow, his basketball career is not smooth, no matter where he goes. Law gets rid of the fate of comparison. Depressed, he switched to rugby, until an old coach photographed him, he gradually emerged from the draft, out of the shadow of the past, all the way to the championship, won the MVP. Of course, the success of the following content depends on the player’s efforts.

However, it must be said that although the game mode is vibrant, for the old players of the series, this work is very conservative in the innovation of the core content. Take Career Mode as an example. Its rich custom content looks very attractive, but players who have played the previous game are not demanding to see that the most significant change is the plot. It is also challenging to see new things in other classic modes, which is undoubtedly disappointing for the series’ fans, but I still saw some efforts to do something new in the working experience.

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