NBA 2K21 MyTeam Auction House Tradable Item value analysis

In NBA 2K21 MyTeam Auction House, players can exchange cards they don’t want into Player cards or other items, so which items are more profitable? Please see the NBA 2K21 MyTeam Auction House tradable item value analysis shared by the player “Totti,” hoping to bring some help to all players.

Foreword: “Dream Deal” is new gameplay this year, allowing players to redeem some designated players or items with “discarded cards” in their hands. So, are the items in Auction House worth saving in the first season? Today, the Dream Team will give you an analysis.
There are currently six tradable items in Auction House, namely: purple gem players, pink diamond players, diamond shoes, purple badges, card packs, and diamond contracts. The types are still very complete. Let’s analyze them one by one.

Amethyst Player
Trading target: James Silas (Amethyst) Trading requirements: Ruby2, Sapphire5, Bronze10, Spurs8
Analysis: The exchange demand for this Silas is not high. The most expensive material card is only two rubies. The overall price is about 3W-4WMT (PS4 platform), so is it worth changing? The answer is no. Silas’ attributes are shown in the figure below. As a defender with only 1.86 meters, his three-pointer is only 71. Under the current environment, it is impossible to make a shot. At the same time, his dunk is almost non-existent, only speed (three Speed ​​90) and defense (86 lateral move + 80 steals) are bright spots, and there is no purple chapter. Although speed plays a significant role in 2K21, there are still many fast guards, and there is no need to waste resources on him.
Fantasy transaction rating (5 stars): ★★

Pink diamond player
Trading objective: Bob Cousy (pink diamonds) Trading requirements: Diamond1, Amethyst5, Lakers Amethyst2, Ruby point guard5, Emerald16, Bronze18
Analysis: Although the height is also only 1.86 meters, the strength of this pink diamond Bob Cousy far exceeds that of the purple card above. It is the most vigorous defender we can get at the beginning of the game. Cousy’s attributes are shown in the figure below, with a total score of 3347, 94 CIC + 90 three-pointers + full outside hot zone, and because the quick shot badge was canceled this year, so long as the shooting bag is not too bad, it can be used. The database shows He is Paul’s shot bag of the same style.
Besides, the 93 three-speed will significantly improve his breakthrough ability. Cousy’s defense is also the first in the opening stage (96 shooting interference + 92 lateral movement + 93 steals + 97 reaction speed + 98 pick-and-roll prevention), which is an all-around offense and defense In the absence of a particularly useful big point guard, the disadvantage of his height is not particularly noticeable. The four purple badges are all of the final type (stuntman, frame master, giant nemesis, and throwing master) in terms of badges. You can also consider upgrading the hot spot hunter, ten cents, death coil, and other badges to purple.
However, the price of obtaining Cousy is indeed too high. At least 30W-40W MT is required, so although this pink diamond is intense, it is not available to ordinary people.
Fantasy transaction rating (5 stars): ★★★

Drill shoes
Transaction objective: sneaker card package1 (diamond) transaction requirements: gold sneakers15, silver sneakers20, bronze sneakers30
Analysis: The drill shoes are the key props to enhance the players in the past 2K, but at the moment, I do not recommend that you exchange them. The reason is simple; we will understand by counting the numbers. If all the material cards used to redeem diamond shoes are sold directly, the total price will be 17500MT. The general cost of diamond shoes in 2K21 is around 1WMyTeam, so you can sell all these material cards and then go to the auction house to choose The diamond shoes you want, instead of redeeming a pair of random shoes here, unless you believe in your character, you can get a couple of good shoes greater than 17.5K NBA 2K21 MT.
Fantasy trading rating (5 stars): ★

Purple Chapter
Trading objective: badge card pack1 (purple badge) trading requirements: gold badge15, silver badge20, bronze badge30
Analysis: In fact, the purple badge situation is similar to that of the diamond shoes. Since the exchanges are random card packs, they are very character-matching, and the author, who has a dark face for many years, does not dare to touch it. However, Zi Zhang has an advantage over diamond shoes. Zi Zhang cannot be purchased at auction houses, so the conditions for obtaining it are minimal, which increases its value.
Fantasy transaction rating (5 stars): ★★★

Drill contract
Transaction objective: contract card package1 (diamond) transaction requirements: gold contract15, silver contract20, bronze contract30
Analysis: The role of the diamond contract is to allow players to appear on the field indefinitely, so calculating its value is very

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