How to Fix NBA 2K21 PS4, XBOX One Error Code 727e66ac

Many players reported that they encountered error code 727e66ac when trying to play NBA 2K21 at the same time. This is a general error and indicates that the game has crashed. There may be many fundamental reasons for its emergence. One of the most likely problems is related to the network connection. However, so far, 2K considers this to be an unknown error.

If you encounter this error code, don’t worry. This guide will provide you with many potential solutions and fixes to correct the error code 727e66ac in NBA 2K21.

Fix the error code 727e66ac in NBA 2K21
These fixes will help you fix NBA 2k20 error code 727e66ac. We recommend making all repairs accordingly.

Fix 1
You can try to create other players. When you do this, skip the introduction, and your new player will appear without any problems. Now return to the main menu and load the original player. This is expected to solve the problem, and you can play the game without encountering the error code 727e66ac.

Fix 2
If the above solution does not work, you can try to change the DNS to the settings given below.

Turn on DNS
Elementary School –
Secondary school –

Google DNS
Elementary School –
Secondary school –

Other solutions
If the above two solutions cannot resolve the error code, you can try the other solutions below:

Restart your console
You need to turn it off and then on again. This error has been reported to fix the error code for some users.

Check if your game software is up to date.
To do this, select your game on the PlayStation home screen and click the “Options” button on the controller. Now, like “Check for Updates” and proceed to install all the updates you see there.

Check if the system software of your PlayStation 4 is also up to date.
To do this, select “Settings” at the top of the PlayStation home screen. Select “System Software Update” and wait for the system update (if any) to be installed. Now restart the console and check if the error code is resolved.

Try to clear the console’s cache.
For PlayStation 4, please press and hold the PlayStation button on the controller and select “Turn off PS4”. Wait for the console to power down completely; this takes about 10 to 20 seconds. Now restart it and check if the error code is resolved.

For Xbox One, click the “Wizard” button on the controller. Now go to settings, select “Restart Console,” and then select Restart when prompted. If you cannot access the guide or the system seems to hang up, press and hold the Xbox button on the console’s front. Wait about 10 seconds until it turns off. Now click the Xbox button again to restart it.

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