NBA 2K21 Postseason Blocker Spotlight Challenge Content introduction

The NBA 2K21 postseason stumbling block has become the content of the spotlight challenge. Players need to defeat the strong defenders to complete the challenge. So what is in this spotlight challenge? Below, please see the introduction of the NBA 2K21 playoff spotlight challenge shared by NBA2K21MT, hoping to bring some help to all players.

Specific list

Spotlight Challenge
The first spotlight of 2K21 is called “Playoffs Stagnation.” We will face the famous defensive teams in NBA history. A total of 5 games need to be completed, including two professional difficulty and three All-Star games. There is no Hall of Fame. After clearing the level, you can get a spotlight card pack and sapphire-level “Rogue” Fraser.

This year’s spotlight does not require you to use the spotlight card pack players, but there are still some requirements for the lineup, as follows:

Game 1: Must use a bull player
Round 2: Must use three Lakers
Round 3: Five Lakers must be used
Game 4: Five Warriors must be used
Game 5: There is no player requirement, but the team needs to score more than 70 points

Player Reviews
Walter Fraser
Let’s look at the spotlight’s bonus card first. This Fraser’s attributes are not right. The offense can only rely on layups. The 77 double speed is also plodding. Only the defensive attributes are correct. But based on my experience in the past few days, useful defensive features may not prevent the breakthrough of speed players. The breakthrough of 2K21 is a bit of a dream of returning to 18, which is too brainless.

Ben Wallace
Big Ben, who has appeared early in 2K in the past dynasties, is here again. This diamond card can only play inside, so the height is still slightly shorter (2 meters 06). In terms of attributes, Daben’s offense is relying on the basket to eat cakes (90 standing dunks + 85 sudden dunks + 100 double dunks tendency), without independent offense and shooting ability. Then the speed of 73 is acceptable for the inside line. The strength and endurance of the 92 are average, and the defense is the top level of the land reclamation stage (94 blocks + internal protection 94 + defensive stability 95).

Gary Payton
Payton is the card collection and lock reward for this defensive hero card package. Still, his offensive attributes are also not good, 79 three-pointers will not guarantee the shooting rate under the common shooting mechanism, and the basket ability is also average. In other respects, 88 three-speed and 69 power can only be considered acceptable. The defense is good (94 steals + 94 lateral shift), but it’s not that good either…
Diamond Payton also has three purple medals, all of which are defensive, namely: pick and roll dodger, steal expert, and perpetual motion defender. Consider turning his death coil, defensive core, and defensive deterrence into purple to maximize his defensive advantage.

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