How to Steal the ball in NBA 2K21

What’s wrong, 2K community! Well, this has been a roller coaster year in many ways, and we know that it is not easy to make everyone stay at home and virtualize most things in life. We hope this short blog can bring you some expectations in the virtual world, because you can prepare for the new 2K basketball game in NBA 2K21!

This has been a busy year for Visual Concepts because we have been working hard to bring you the best basketball experience on current and next-generation consoles. We can’t tell you that the team is very happy to show all the new technologies and amazing advancements NBA2K21MT Gamers will use the power of the next-generation system to bring to 2K basketball; but today, let’s take a look at the launch for PS4 on September 4 Some game improvements in the current version of NBA 2K21. Most importantly, when we release the NBA 2K21 demo for PlayStation 4 on August 24, you will have the opportunity to learn how the game is played.

How to get the steal

On the ball regularly
Can you reach my teaching level? No, if the time is right, not necessarily. A large part of the defense especially steals, is very important. In addition to spreading steal buttons and risking being burned or asking for a foul, it is more effective to choose the place of arrival time. Wait for the ball to become fragile, and then tackle it, try different angles, and go straight. A good method is to cover the ball controller from the side and steal from the side angle. For your players, equip the “Pick Pocket” signature technique to increase the success rate of tackles on the ball.

Played Lane/Intercept Pass
This strategy alone is the best way to play defense 100% of the time. Sometimes, like Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman), sitting on the pass and waiting for the offense to make a mistake in the past is more interesting and effective. If you are fighting against a human opponent, try to bluff the ball handler in the hope that he can pass the ball to the person you are defending-easily pass or steal. For your players, equipping the interceptor signature skills can improve the pass success rate, lunge distance, better foot planting rate, and better catching ability.

Poke the ball from behind
When dragging the ball controller, release the ball from behind. Cunning players like Chris Paul make a lot of steals in this way.

Reject point guard
This technique is most effective for the CPU. Since many CPU games are played through point guards, a wise strategy is to reject the ball on PG and expect to steal the pass from other players on the court.

VS big shot
This steal method is particularly effective under the rim-PF and C usually likes to hang out. “Big men train throughout the day to easily stand up all day dunk” K-Stone is the poor ball-handling ability of most big men. Therefore, instead of trying to stop a starting center with low scores and dunks, it is easier and more successful to steal. For your MyPLAYER, please equip the “Interceptor badge” to increase the success rate of loosening the ball under the hoop.

Double team trap
Whether on the ball or on the pass, doubles teams are an effective way to get steals. Compared to the CPU, you can call the half-time trap and wait for the player to pass the ball out, or you can become one of the double team players and try to pry the ball away. When there are enough defenders to spin back and move toward the open, make sure to use traps strategically.

Pay attention to the direction of the left stick when trying to steal
This technique is more subtle and less known, but it is quite different! When trying to steal, you want to keep the left stick away from the direction you steal (on the absolute controller setting). If you find that the player is sliding in a wide range when making a tackle, which causes you to deviate from the position, it is usually related to the direction of the left stick. Therefore, try to point it in different directions to master the trick.

How to steal the ball in NBA 2K21

Just like in the first few games of the franchise, the controls for grabbing the ball remain almost unchanged. To make a stealing attempt, all you have to do is press the “square” button (or the X key if you use an Xbox One) to try to eliminate it from your opponent.

There are several factors that come into play when trying to steal the ball. First of all, your steal data needs to be higher in order to successfully steal the ball. It can be done with VC as usual, it can be purchased through microtransactions, or it can be earned naturally as you continue to play more games.

Secondly, it is worth noting that if you press the button at the right time, the chances of successful theft will increase. For example, you need to carefully observe the opponent’s movements and try to steal the ball only when the opponent is not touching the ball (that is, halfway through the dribble).

If you steal too early or too late, you may offend the rules, which will only make your team’s overall situation worse, so choose the way you intercept the ball carefully.

After a successful steal, you will want to immediately bring the ball back to the opponent’s court to try to score, or pass the ball to a teammate who may be closer.

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