The thing about NBA 2K21 Locker Code

The locker Code is one of the NBA 2K MyTeam game modes, which gives you the opportunity to obtain player gift packs, NBA 2K21 MT, tokens, consumables packs, and VC through the Ball Drop method in most cases without having to pay or beat the opponent. Any sub-mode of MyTeam.

How to redeem the locker code?
On the console (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, etc.), open the MyTeam game mode> “Other”> “Locker Code” >, and enter the Code. To redeem the “Locker Code” from your console, please use the “My NBA 2K20” app.

Can I guarantee to get the players or items I want from the locker code rewards?
In most cases, no. Basically, you use the locker code to “have a chance” to get the items you need.

Will the locker Code expire?
Some are, some are not. For most locker codes with a time limit, they are valid for one week. 2K also uses influential people to distribute locker codes, which usually expire after 3 hours.

Can I use the locker code multiple times?
will not. Once the printer has been used, it cannot be used again. In the past, there have been some hackers who were quickly patched by 2K when the locker code could be used multiple times in the same account.

How to get the latest locker code of 2K? and Locker Codes App are the best sources of locker codes because our website is regularly updated several times a day and lists all the locker codes released to the public from different sources in an easy-to-view format. You can directly follow NBA 2K’s MyTeam official Twitter account.

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