How to Slam Dunks at NBA 2K21 for Beginners

Although we may still have a lot of work to do, it is clear that 2K21 has never been better. Fortunately, since NBA 2K21 will be released in the fall of 2020, fans don’t have to wait so long to release the game.

We can’t wait to start making the most important slam dunks. We will update you when we hear more news, so please make sure you always pay attention to all the latest information.

You need to realize that slam dunk on someone is the most important game, not every game should happen, or you should target every thing you have. A safe layup is ten times better than trying to trim someone. Once you realize this, you will start to drop more points and more ways to win the game.

Guard, you must learn more than 1 trick. Rim driving will only take you so far. Jumping is one of the most frustrated movements among machete. I use it almost 24/7, learning to accelerate from sunspot shooting. If you choose 2-3 open mid-gear and make it jump, you can drive easily. For mid-turn (especially 2 strokes) games, the big man will compete for a dunk there, and your past defender will go to your big man (if he is a corner shooter), which can easily achieve mid-range.

The big guy, the one that doesn’t match is Guard V Center. Not a Center V SF rebound with 22 defensive badges. Use your own strength to push him out of the line and make an easy layup instead of trying to dunk him. I always see it from inside a big man. In addition, I see that many big men are confused about why they didn’t dunk when they ran to the basket. When the big man ran to the hoop (PF/C type big man), the dunk dropped to a low point in the 1930s and 1940s. This makes it almost impossible for you to make continuous contact dunks. Before making a contact dunk, make sure you slow down and post.

Before going to the booty to buy 30K NBA 2K21 MT shorts, please get some dunk bags. I can’t tell you how many times have you seen the slash guy dunk the slowest dunk, complaining that 2k gave them bad animation effects. My dunk bag list is:

Reference clutch reverse
Side clutch
Sports tomahawk
Cradle Dunks
Baseline reversed twice
Tilt Grand Slam
Russell Westbrook
Jordan Kilcannon
Game time (park dunk)
Elite lane
Personal touch dunk
Elite touch dunk
Small touch dunk

You need to contact Dunk to get the contact animation. Make sure this is your first purchase.

For my big man:
Basket sport flush
Basket routine
Big man side clutch
Big man touch dunk
Now that you have a slam dunk pack, you know that all actions can be badged.

The most important badges of the Guard are: Fancy Footwork, Ruthless Terminator, Giant Killer, Contact Terminator and Slithery Terminator. They should all be at least Gold+ (Contact Terminator should be HoF permanently)

The secondary badges are: Acrobat, consistent finisher, fast break finisher (for animation, these badges should be at least silver)

For adults, your main badge should be:
Stable Finisher, Contact Finisher, Ruthless Finisher, Slithery Finisher, Putback Boss, Backdown Punisher and Falling Stepper, these will help you finish and reach the basket easily. Especially the reserve punisher. You will push in a lot of 7’3 glass locks.
Secondary badges: Pro touch, Lob City Finisher (if you have remaining badges, they should be at least silver)
The last part. Force animation. It’s time to stop using the batting button for dunks, it’s time to switch to dunking with sticks. Pushing the right rocker upward while holding the turbocharger will force both hands to dunk, and while holding the turbocharger, pull it down to force contact with the dunk and buoyancy dunk. The adult under the rim should force the contact dunk by pushing up the two rockers while holding down the two triggers, and when in front of the rim, you can also hold the turbocharger while sitting on the side of the rim while down Pull the right stick to force a single-handed dunk.

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