How to optimize your NBA 2K21 MyCareer players

In 2K21’s MyCareer story mode, your first task is to create a player. This is a complex but important task, and if you want to be the best player, you need to do some research.

First, you need to determine where the player is. It all depends on you. Of course, if you like to shoot from the outside, then choose shooting guard or point guard. If you like rebounds and dunks, choose a center.

Next, match the skill breakdown pie chart with the player’s location. For example, shooting and point guards should choose the chart with the most shot, game, and finishing attributes.

From there, you need to select a physical profile. Similarly, you need to match the profile with the location of the player. Therefore, if you are a point guard, be short and light; if you are a center forward, be tall, strong, and heavy. All these decisions will determine how many points you can assign to a player’s skill category.

Once you enter the “Set Your Potential” screen, you will get a certain number of upgrade points to assign to different skills. We recommend maximizing the shooting guard’s “shooting” and “finishing” categories, while giving the shooting guard some Playmaking points. The center will want to spend most of its points in the “defense/rebounding” category.

Power forwards and small forwards are the most versatile players, so they should be given balanced attributes.

When you get a 3-pointer, make sure to use it with Steph Curry (not Kevon Looney). On the contrary, Rooney gives you a better chance of winning rebounds than Curry, so make sure that the big man can play after every shot.

The bottom line is: 2K21 is a simulator, which means it simulates real life, so know your players and use this knowledge on the court to your benefit. If you don’t watch a lot of NBA, take some time to review the comprehensive player data of 2K21 to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each player.

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