How to Keep Training your NBA 2K21 Players

Even if you don’t have the Pro status in mind, you should still train your NBA 2K21 cards constantly in order to boost their stats and make it easier for you to win. Now NBA2K21MT shares with you How to Keep training your players. NBA2K21MT as a professional Poe Currency internet site delivers safe, speedy, and affordable NBA 2K21 MT for you personally. With more than 10 years of excellence, we have served a huge number of prospects.

Early on in the game, though, you shouldn’t focus too much on training your players and instead, you should just focus on hoarding cards: you can hold a maximum of 200 at any given time, and I would recommend to constantly wait to reach the limit before going on an upgrade spree.

We always use the same strategy when it comes to managing upgrades:

When We first start playing, We wait until We get 75 cards under my belt before starting to upgrade my best. Once We reach 75, We use 10 cards to level up my top 5 players. This leaves me with a deck of 25 cards, which is the amount needed for 2 on 2 and the maximum required by any game mode.

After this, you will have your main cards at level 4, which is decent… and a lot of work ahead.

Start playing the lengthier game modes and get more card picks. Wait until you have 100 cards, and go on an upgrade spree again (don’t forget to do it only after you edit your decks to make sure that you have the best cards selected in all game modes!)

Then do your third upgrade spree at 150 cards – this will take some time, but it becomes easier and easier as you have better cards to play with and more options.

Always start working on your top 5 cards (in terms of rarity first): this way, as you play and get more cards, rarer cards will take the place of the ones you have already upgraded to level 4, they will get to a decent level too and at the same time help you build a solid deck for the other game modes. Works like a charm!

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