The Easiest Way to Get the NBA 2K21 XP Experience

There is no shortcut to making NBA 2K21 XP. What you have to do is to limit the number of replays that need to be performed by encountering challenges in long-distance games. Playing the professional level of Pro in Domination can quickly get points, rebounds, assists, or other status requirements. However, some small requirements can also be met in shorter games (such as “offline triple threat”). It depends on which mode you are trying to complete the challenge. Particular challenges will require you to play in a specific way to finish.

In short, you can take some steps to reward XP. Screen, flash passing, acrobatic shooting, etc. To maximize XP, you need to experiment and chain multiple actions to maximize XP.

For example, the NBA2K21MT organizer will ask you to do a pick and roll. Then, I will dribble the ball and then do an acrobatic layup or easily pass it to my teammates to get help and score. This can provide you with the most XP. (PNR + dribble + acrobatic layup) If We make a regular layup, We can only get XPR + dribble XP, and I want to leave XP.

Each prototype has such a combination. You need to experiment and find them. Then, after seeing them, until the fingers bleed. It is still a crazy grinding method, but at least you can use this method to shorten the time.

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