NBA 2K21 Defensive Guides for Beginners

Check out these NBA 2K21 tips to learn how to defend better and understand different defensive concepts. Sometimes you will see that the player’s defense deviates from the norm. It is challenging to play team defense at the best level when playing with random players, which is why gamer prefers to play with friends or pick up some excellent 2K players on the fly. The video below is helpful for personal defense. If your teammate understands the shadows that help security and becomes aggressive or conservative, and when to rotate, it is best to use. We will focus on the defensive aspect of the ball. Therefore, this is the defensive skill Safenbamt Gamer must know to defend in NBA 2K21 successfully.

Raise hands to defend
The goal of NBA 2K21 is to put the ball in the basket. Therefore, on defense, you want to work harder on your opponents. Every photo they took wished to be as close as possible. This means being disciplined, don’t try to fly around on the court, jump up when you see a little shot. Otherwise, you will quickly notice that many people are in foul trouble.
You don’t want to start being busy on the court every time, but you want to start thinking about the opportunity to play. You can do this by raising the right stick and placing the player in “hands up the defense.” Or, you can flick right when your opponent is farther away and about to shoot. Using this method will see the most direct positive results in the paint zone because you have fewer jumps, making the paint a less ideal offensive place.

Quickly switch to the last defender.
You might think that the computer controlling the big man should cover all the protective rim contents. However, continually relying on this will make your big foul anxious. I cannot overemphasize the importance of switching to the last line of defense before the opponent shoots. Otherwise, they are likely to foul. You can switch defenders by pressing X (PS4) or A (XB1) on the controller. You can even press R1/L1 (PS4) or RB/LB (XB1), a button combination dedicated to switching to the guy closest to the basket.

Prevent offensive rebounds
Dominance on the offensive board is one of the most annoying ways to win in 2K. Failure to control the cup usually results in an in-game loss. Once someone is forced into a 45% screen, the defense will not stop. You still have to pull down the board to end the game.
One of the easiest ways to cause bad rebounds is block the shot not far from the shooter. When you jump away from the camera, only two things happen, and both are bad. They either succeeded or missed, and their guys can rebound because you are recovering from the jump.

If you have a big man struggling on the board, please don’t be shy to lower more guys to ensure a rebound by clicking right on the d-pad, clicking the left trigger once, and then choosing to crash the glass. Now, Wheneverforcibly miss an opportunity, your Fastbreak attack may suffer losses, but you need to attract more players.

Know who to defend
Don’t just rush to the person who owns the ball. Your player icon will point to the opponent you need to tail. If you do not defend them, you will leave a vacancy for the offensive team; conversely, if you want to transfer to another defender who cuts the rim, press X on PS4 or A on Xbox One a player swap.

Defense on the ball
The first steps should take before making a bold move.

Intense-D: Enter a low defense position and hold down L2 on PS4 or LT on Xbox One to form a daunting semicircle around the opposing player. Yes, give them that strong D.

Crowd dribbling: Don’t let other players set the screen between you and your man (or woman in WNBA mode). Press and hold L2 on the PS4 or LT on the Xbox One, and then move the left finger stick to the dribbling machine to bring it closer and maintain your status.

Shuffle the cards quickly: Don’t let them rest soon! Press and hold L2 and R2 on PS4 or LT and RT on Xbox One.

Please raise your hand: Move up and hold the right thumbstick to prevent them from shooting you.

Reach out your hands: If you think they will pass to either side of you, move right or left and hold your right fingertip to protect their passing route.

Double Team: This is not just a classic Dennis Rodman movie! Press and hold L1 on PS4 or LB on Xbox One for help.

Block shot
If the opponent intends to shoot or can’t stop them in time, you can choose the following methods. Just pay attention to your timing (and where you are off the net). Otherwise, you may be asked to foul and even tend to score goals (which will result in scoring anyway).
Seat: Not in this house. When approaching the shooter, press Triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox One.
SWAT block: Are you or the shooter running? Hold R2 and press Triangle on PS4, press RT on Xbox One, then press Y for the final LeBron move.
Vertical competition: Hold the left thumbstick away from the shooter, then press Triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox One to add some height or distance to your obstacle.
Shooting competition: Not near the shooters, but want to scare them away? Move the right fingerstick up, and then quickly release it when shooting. Watch out for fakes!

Steal the ball
Steal the ball directly from your opponent by pressing the square on PS4 or X on Xbox One. If you are close at hand, move your right hand’s fingertip down and release it quickly to grab the ball.
Expert tip: Only steal the ball when the opponent is dribbling. Otherwise, you will foul. Hate referee, always stick to the rules!

Desperate times require desperate measures. If your opponent is running towards you towards the ball, you can recharge by pressing and holding Circle on PS4 or B on Xbox One, or you can tap Circle / B twice like double-tapping their football to fail. If you are lucky, the other team will foul. Otherwise, the referee will smell a fake and foul you. Curse their skin!
If you have a foul and need to stop halfway, it’s time to embrace. When approaching the ball controller, hold down Square on PS4 or X on Xbox One and deliberately hold it down to foul.

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