How to improve your NBA 2K21 Steal the Ball and Dribble

You have two shooting methods. When We see many people, they use the X button on the Xbox or the Square button on the PlayStation. If you look at professional players, they will shoot with the correct stick, which gives you more control-you can choose the overhand or dunk hand. We also recommend that you enter 2KU to understand the timing of shooting. Then, when you enter the game, strategically, you want to pass the ball to the open players-they have a much higher chance of shooting than someone who is tightly guarded or played. The movement of the ball is the key to basketball.

How to dribble effectively

In our game, the simplest and purest thing about dribbling is that the cool thing about it is that the left stick can make your guy move around without you having to know more. However, when you have more experience with the game, you can start to use modifiers to dribble the leg, hesitate, pass the backcourt dribble, and backcourt glitz to your teammates. Similarly, all of these can be learned through 2KU’s tutorials. Here we provide you with an example of how to complete all the operations in the game. If you have gone through everything, then it is a lot of things, so focus on some actions, practice in some games, and gradually develop more skills.

The best way to grab the ball

The defense is a bit difficult because all you have to do is to attack again, but the best way is to play good defense! Stay between your man and the basket, this is the first obvious goal. And leave room for yourself. If you crowd a man and he is faster than you, he will blow to you every time. You need to know who you guard and what they are good at. If they are good at shooting, they need to go further-knowledge will help a lot.

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