Why you need to continue training NBA 2K21 players

Even if your NBA 2K21 Players are not recorded as a “pro” level, you should continue to train your card to improve its statistics and make it easier to win.

However, at the beginning of the game, you should not train the players too much but only focus on hoarding cards: you can hold up to 200 cards at any given time, and I suggest you keep waiting to reach the limit before proceeding with the upgrade spree.

When managing upgrades, I always use the same strategy:

When I started playing the game for the first time, I would wait until I got 75 cards before I started upgrading my best game. When I reach 75, I will use ten cards to improve my top 5 players. This gave me 25 cards, the number required for two vs. 2, and the maximum amount needed for any game mode.

After that, your main card will reach level 4, which is not bad…There is still a lot of work to be done.

Start playing longer game modes and get more card choices. Wait until you have 100 cards, then do another big gift pack (don’t forget to edit the deck to make sure you choose the best card in all game modes!)

Then do a third upgrade spree with 150 cards-it will take some time, but as you can use better cards and more options, it will become easier.

Always start using the first five cards (think about rarity first): This way, as you play and get more cards, rare cards will replace the cards you have upgraded to level 4. Levels, while helping you build a stable platform for other game modes. Works miraculously!

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