NBA 2K21 Innovative Gameplay For Combination Skills

The combination Skills has been the main product of 2K basketball for many years. Most of its design has remained unchanged for many years. The arrival of NBA 2K21 has made us discover the potential for considerable changes to the offensive end. In the first few games, you can push the expert stick in any direction to jump shot. It limits our idea of ​​using the right stick as a pure dribble stick. Therefore, this year NBA2K21MT will significantly change the operation mode of the expert joystick.

Push down RS = jumper
Push and hold RS left or right = get rid of dribbling.
Push up RS = signature fancy dribble
Tap RS = fast one-on-one dribbling action
Hold down the sprint and tap RS at the same time = rapid rhythm change dribbling action.

With these changes, we can significantly enrich the dribbling action library and enable you to perform actions more intuitively. In just one or two games, you can fully adapt to them and use them to knock the defenders down! After remapping, the response of these actions will be sharper and more comfortable to connect. Streetball action has also been transferred to the operation of tapping the left stick not to slip and shoot when you break through the street park. For the NBA’s fancy dribble, we added several new signature moves, such as Harden’s leg dribble, the latest version of Kobe’s dance, and Durant’s signature crotch dribble. Another NBA legend, Nate Robinson, also joined the ranks of motion capture this year, and contributed many individual actions, waiting for you to discover. You can also push the expert joystick up and use the left joystick to sell it in any direction to perform fancy dribbling. In total, you can choose from 14 streetball moves and 36 unique NBA fancy dribble moves. If you include all the one-on-one fancy dribbles and the new customizable free dribble, you will use countless combos in NBA 2K21.

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