How to make MyTeam NBA 2K21 MT through Challenges

The NBA 2K21 challenges are based on scenarios that have previously occurred in the game, whether it is a quarter, a quarter, or a complete game. Warm-up challenges and challenges are constant standard challenges. Once completed, there are five games in each game, and you can no longer play them for rewards. The weekly challenge will be updated every Thursday based on what happened in the past week. Whenever a team or player makes an amazing performance, the challenge is always updated. They always have player requirements and usually have high NBA 2K21 MT rewards.

Challenges can help you obtain considerable MT, but don’t expect to benefit from these challenges. Here are some of our first recommendations:

Moments Challenges: These are 4 or 5 minutes games, each game can bring you more than 2000 tons of MT. Their difficulty is very low, but only 3 people provide MT as a reward.

Players in a winning streak may get several Moments cards, but no two Moments cards are exactly the same. You can use these cards to meet the lineup limits of “Challenge”, catch opponents off guard in “Infinite”, or just use the best version of your favorite player.

Kobe Spotlight Challenge: The Kobe Challenge can help you play 8 games and earn more than 20,000 tons of MT. In addition, there are more than 100 tokens and two diamond items.

Once you redeem the code for the Pind Diamond Career Highlights card, you can quickly start to complete the challenge based on Kobe’s best moments in the NBA. This is a complete list of challenges and rewards for completing the challenges. Please note that these challenges do not yet exist in the game.

Win the game and score at least 24 points with Career Highlights Kobe. -Diamond bag
Every three minutes, Kobe’s career highlights a score of at least seven assists. -Eight tokens
The career focus of Kobe’s quarter-minute, Kobe Bryant scored 12 three-pointers. -All-Star Flash Pack
Kobe’s career focuses on popular science and professional difficulty. He scored 62 points every five minutes. -8,000 tons
Kobe’s career highlights score, All-Star difficulty, 81 points every 6 minutes. -Diamond shoe bag
In six minutes of training time, Bryant scored 65 points in his career. -All-Star Flash Pack
Kobe’s career highlights score, All-Star difficulty, score 61 points every five minutes. -24 tokens
Kobe career highlights score, All-Star difficulty, score 60 points every five minutes. -8,024 tons
Complete all eight challenges. -81 tokens

Spotlight Challenges: If you still want to grind Harden/Kobe, these challenges will help you gain MT slowly but surely.

Spotlight Challenges can be found under Weekly Challenges, and like TTO, it is very suitable for obtaining multiple types of rewards.
Currently, the Spotlight Challenge has five separate threads, each of which rewards the Evolution version of the Spotlight player (Dwayne Wade, Kevin Garnett, Clyde Drexler, Dirk Nowitzki, Isiah Thomas), two more players, 24,500 MT and 9 tokens.
Challenges continue to increase, but as you progress, they will immediately receive rewards to improve your team. In addition, the Evolution card means that you can improve the card you are best at without worrying about saving money for players, but simply losing MT when a better version is released.

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