How to make MyTeam NBA 2K21 MT by Triple Threat Online

In NBA 2K21 MyTeam, you can only use VC, because the game mode has its own currency – NBA 2K21 MT. You can spend this VC on the packaging. You can buy league gift packs or limited edition gift packs, such as “return packs”. In the backpack, you can not only draw a player but also draw contracts, balls, coaches, and arenas.

I have been using this model since the game was released in September 2019. I collected more than 3,000 cards, played countless MyTeam Unlimited, online, and offline triple threats and challenges. The more I experience this addictive and ever-expanding model, the more I realize that it lacks a feature that will fully affect its function.

Finally, the salary cap function will maintain the value of lower-level cards throughout the life of the model. In fact, when we see cards like the recently released Diamond Ray Allen, Diamond Career-Highlights Chris Paul and Michael Jordan or even Pink Diamond Kobe, most experienced players will fire them because we know these The method is impossible cards can be used effectively in most MTU or triple threat online games.

This is a game mode we really like, but it can still be better
The fact that you can get rewards after every game (win or lose) is fantastic. It encourages people to play games, which means that even if you lose, you still want to finish the game.

However, we believe that for successful people, more rewards need to be given. Other modes in MyTEAM, such as MyTEAM Unlimited, use Galaxy Opal cards to reward players 12-0.
For now, we don’t recommend that you get the Galaxy Opal by winning twelve consecutively on Triple Threat, but the reward may be better than casting a ball that might get 10 tokens!

The 3v3 online mode allows you to quickly get a lot of MT, and you will also get some other cool prizes and bonuses. Each game provides you with 250+ (mainly 300+) MT, plus the drop, you can get 200+ for each drop.

Remember, you need to win the game to get these results. However, if you do this, you will produce thousands of MTs in less than an hour.

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