How to make MyTeam NBA 2K21 MT by Flipping the Cards

The production of NBA 2K21 MT from flip cards is divided into two categories: evolving cards and reselling or buying low/high selling. The first one is more comfortable and more possible, but the second one can make a considerable profit.

For the Evolution method, you need to receive an Evolution card from the auction house (John Wall / Alonzo Mourning are both good choices).

From there, you need to perform the evolution of the card to upgrade it to a higher card level. After completion, their selling price will exceed the price at which you purchased them, bringing considerable profits to your time.

For the second method, you need to “snoop” higher-level card players from the auction house at a lower price. Then you resell them at regular prices and usually substantial profits.

Although the first method may be time-consuming, the second method cannot provide guarantees and you will feel frustrated most of the time. However, either way, it will stabilize your MT.

In each new series, I will rotate the new reward cards to see how they perform in the spotlight. In addition, I find myself looking forward to the new packaging more than ever before, in case there is a budget gem. In addition to Carmen Electra’s ex-husband, there are some new cards that impress me:

Pink Diamond Rudy Tomjanovich – Rudy T is an excellent four-player group that can rebound at the elite level. And he has the heart of a champion, so it is very helpful.

Pink Diamond Walter Davis (Palter Diamond Walter Davis) – I have fallen in love with his amethyst since earlier this year, this card is a copy of it. Walter is a scorer, simple and straightforward.

Diamond Nicolas Batum-Now, this card is about 7K MT. He can do almost everything, including 26 HOF badges, 6 feet 9 feet, and may be the most valuable thing in the game right now. If not, pick him up.

Diamond Jonathan Isaac (Jonathan Isaac)-When I played against the Bucks, he was always my Giannis stopper. Arguably the best 60 tokens I spent.

Diamond Andrei Kirilenko – HOF clamp and HOF Dimer. love it. Under normal circumstances, his price is less than 10K.

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