NBA 2K13 MyTeam Game Play

Watch Duke play a full MyTeam game in this video!

So I have been playing MyTeam on NBA 2K13 for quite a while now. I have reached the 1st seed without losing a game. My team is pretty stacked with current NBA stars and a few legends I have picked up along the way. All the legends on my team I got from advancing seeds. I have not really had any luck with purchasing packs. I have probably spent over 100k VC on the gold and purple packs alone.

In this video, I change up my lineup a bit. I decided to get rid of Carmelo Anthony and grab Dwight Howard. I also tried out another purple pack to see if I could finally get a new legend for my team. Next, I played my first game as the first seed!

PS, if anyone has been able to get the Dimer signature skill, please let me know! This is the only signature skill that I have yet to acquire.


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